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Club History

The Johnson County Republican Women club was founded in 1979 with the purpose of promoting conservative values and supporting Republican candidates.  At that time, Johnson County had few Republicans representing the conservative values of its citizens.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of its founders and those who have been a part of our organization in the years since, Johnson County is now strongly represented by conservative Republican leaders at local, county, state and national levels.


Past Presidents:
Louise Stroud (1979-1980)
Grace Madson (1981)
Ruby Horton (1982)
Nell Conover (1983-1984, 1995)
Charlie Dell Easdon (1985)
Betty Stiles (1986)
Martha Murdock (1987)
Judy Wilbanks (1988-1989)
Robin Pestarion (1990)
Earlene Dandridge (1991)
Marion McClanahan (1992-1993)
Betty Black (1994)
Margaret Morris (1996)
Carol Wray (1997)
Jami Shelton (1998)
Lynn Judd (1999-2000)
Charlotte Loose (2001-2002, 2004)
Carol Lacey (2003)
Polly Guthrie (2005-2006)
Mary Davis (2007)
Casey Madison (2008-2009)
Becky Cathey (2010-2011)

Elizabeth Victory (2012-2013)

Brenda Gammon (2014-2015)

Sydney Hewlett (2016-2017)